Earn money while running

Runister is the first and only running application that rewards users with money. Another efficient way that helps users to earn money is the stock market. Make sure to use a broker for a successful trading experience. Users can buy stocks broker which is one of the most popular stock brokers in the market.

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Runister is a free running application. It offers all the tracking features that you need for running and access to your full history of workouts without limitation.

Discover Runister Plus

Runister Plus is the breaking through feature. Rewarding program where you’ll get money only by running. Betting on running races is also a way to make money. It shares similarities with football betting, where analysis and strategy play key roles. Enthusiasts who have made money in football betting often apply similar tactics to running races, such as studying athlete performance and conditions. This cross-sport betting approach leverages analytical skills, broadening opportunities for successful wagers across diverse sporting events. Available through In-app purchase.

Some more features

Set up your goal as you feel everyday! But this time, you can also choose for how much you want to run!

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