The healthy way to earn money

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Earn money while you move with Runister. This unique mobile app provides a breakthrough approach to boost your healthy routines and help you stay fit.  Runister rewards you for two different types of activities: running and fitness walking.

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Download the Runister app for free and start earning money. More you move more you earn. Run or walk, stay fit.

In order to get reward from your activities, you’ll only have to complete a set of questions related to your healthy lifestyle.

Connect your PayPal account to your Runister account and withdraw or donate your earnings.


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Join our community right now and start having fun with the Runister game while you improve your health. Get in shape while gaining money for it and find extra motivation to get out there.

All your workouts, even short ones, can bring you some extra moolah. So even if you are new to running, your balance will be always positive.

Runister surveys

Healthy lifestyle statistics

Are you conducting a study on running? Thinking about some new product? We can help. Launch your survey with your own questions in the Runister community, and get answers from real runners. Our healthy community is looking forward to get their runs rewarded, so ask them the questions that you need to ask. Contact us and let’s prepare a campaign tailored just for you.

The healthy way

to earn money