Keep moving, each step counts

Runister is the first and only running app that rewards users with real money. No vouchers or discounts, you get money directly to your PayPal account.

Did you ever think that you’d get paid for your daily workout activities? With Runister, your dream has come true. Furthermore, if you are looking for an engaging partner, you can find the perfect match for your exercise plan with Runister by using it for your trainings.

1. Move and earn

Download the Runister app for free and start earning money. For each mile, you’ll get 0.08 USD (or equivalent in different currency). You can earn as much as you want, but you need to run outdoors in order to get reward. The progress bar of your home screen will guide you. Runister will reward you only for your outdoor runs.

2. Power bar ready to reward

In order to get money from your activities, you’ll only have to complete a set of questions related to your healthy lifestyle. The more questions you answer; the more rewarded runs you’ll have. So, just pay attention to your power bar and be sure that you always have some rewarded runs left before going out for your workout so that you can obtain the corresponding reward.

3. Answer quick questions

Runister will ask you questions that are really easy to answer. You can answer these when you find some spare time. Normally, for each three questions, you obtain one rewarded activity. These questions are not linked to your email or your name and you’ll not receive any advertisements based on your answers. We use your gender/country/age details to create general statistics that will be monetized afterwards.

4.Withdraw or donate

Connect your PayPal account to your Runister account and withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum withdrawal value of 5 USD (or equivalent in different currency). You can also donate that money to your favorite charity if you wish to. Be aware that all the withdrawal requests are manually checked by our team for approval. Only if you run outdoors, you are eligible to get rewarded.


Your opinion has value

How we pay you for your activities?

Runister monetizes the answers coming from the surveys, and uses this money to pay the users for their activities. Runister is a tracking app but also a portal for people who need information. Your honest answer will help many people bring you a better service and to produce things that you’ll love. These surveys are global, and make each user anonymous, and yet part of a specific community.

We link each answer to the user’s gender, country, and age details, but we don’t use emails or names. You will not receive any type of advertisements based on your replies.

Share your opinion, reward your activity

Share your routine and reward your activities just by answering easy questions. Reward as many activities as you want by answering more frequently.

We handle the data, all over the world

Runister is collecting answers from you and the whole community. Afterwards, this set of data is available for sale. Honest answers help us and other people to understand your needs better.

Results are sold, activities are paid

After monetizing the surveys, Runister will use that money mostly to pay you back for your activities and to develop the platform.

Runister Plus

Don't want to participate in surveys?

If you don’t want to participate in the surveys to use Runister for free, you might be interested in Runister Plus. Runister Plus offers you the same characteristics as Runister, but without the surveys. The monthly cost of this subscription is $4.99 USD (or the equivalent amount in your App Store currency).