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"Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid for our runs?"

We are an international team, fully responsible and committed to our work. There’s plenty of energy and expertise amongst us and we are glad to introduce you to Runister. We hope that you’ll enjoy it. Runister is a mix of sport, motivation, challenge, health and innovation. As runners, we believe in the development of new technologies that will help us perform our daily activities better. Therefore, we’ve designed Runister as a simple but complete tool for running or  fitness walking with one particular breakthrough feature. Earn money while you move!

Don’t expect to become a gazillionaire by using Runister, but we are sure that you’ll be able to buy some new sneakers or pay some race fees with the money that you’ll earn running with us. On the other hand, we also include a donation chapter within the app in case you would like to participate in some charity project.

But on top of that, we will be really satisfied if we motivate you enough with Runister to improve your running/walking habits.


Happy running!

Your Runister Team

the app

The Runister app is the first and only mobile application that encourages the practice of healthy physical activities, offering the user the possibility to earn money directly through PayPal. By now, we consider two types of exercises: running and  fitness walking.


Besides, the Runister app collects feedbacks and opinions from the whole community through its surveys. The app interface is ready to execute the training routines in combination with the questionnaires in a seamless way. All data obtained is strictly anonymous and serves as a great source of statistics to other companies and institutions.

the news

The Blog of the Runister is a showcase of the most interesting results discovered and collected with our survey system. Therefore, the news of our blog, are built by the users of the Runister App.


From our side, we give shape to the information to create valuable content that can be read and shared. We want to give everybody the opportunity to compare their answers with the rest of the community, so they can learn from each other and improve their healthy lifestyle.


Our story doesn’t get told without you. Thank you.

It really means a lot for us to create this chapter, and we are really proud of it. We believe in the power of communication and sharing of information. This is a space for anybody who wants to read more about Runister.