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Nowadays, running and fitness walking are the most rapidly growing public sports. A low initial investment and huge health benefits are just two of the reasons for their success. Really easy to implement in everyone’s daily routine, these two healthy activities are available for almost everybody.

Thus, with an overwhelming community of runners and fitness walkers, the market demand for certain products also rises at the same pace. Specialized gear, gadgets, nutrition supplements and a wealth of side apparel have become a “must have” for every individual.

Therefore, companies, brands, and even magazines should stay tuned and satisfy the market demand – or perhaps, create a new one. Today, user engagement is crucial, and carries the ultimate advantage over competition. Understand the users and getting the right feedback is not always easy: information is one of the most valuable assets of each organization, company or brand.


We provide the data.

You make the call.

Runister is the pioneer brand in investing and launching innovative products. The Runister app is the first and only mobile application that encourages the practice of healthy physical activities, offering the user the possibility to earn money directly through PayPal. At present, we support two types of exercises: running and walking.

The Runister app also collects feedback and opinions from the whole community through its surveys. The app interface is ready to seamlessly execute training routines in combination with the questionnaires. All data obtained is strictly anonymous, and serves as a great source of statistics to other companies and institutions.

Answers directly from people who run/fitness walk

Fast delivery of results, immediate answers

Specify your audience by activity, age, country or gender

Connect with active people.

Discover their needs.

Key decisions based on accurate information are the paths to success. Sometimes, obtaining reliable data might turn into a challenging adventure.

We are here to help. With Runister, we can solve your specific questions – and, we can assist you in understanding the general market trends.







Did you know?

Find out some interesting statistics that can be created with Runister data.

3% of women runners in Belgium run with dogs.

More than half of the runners have 4 pairs of running shoes.

Based on the results from our survey in Belgium, only 3% of the women usually run with their dog.

Almost 60% of runners have 4 pair of shoes for running. Surprisingly, men have one pair more than women.

39% of runners in Spain drink protein after a run

71% of runners in Mexico attend a minimum of 5 races per year.

39% of respondents from Spain answered YES to whether or not they drink any protein after the workout.

Races seem to become more popular each year. Our statistics show that a regular runner in Mexico attends a minimum of 5 races per year.


40% of American runners would spend up to 200$ in a smart watch.

How much we spend in smart watches? this value differs amongst different countries? find out more.

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